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PCOS Diet and Exercise

Modern medical research indicates that there is a link between the amount of exercise we take and our diet. The idea is to exercise loads and eat a load, which means that there should be no food group which is banned.A PCOS diet has to be for life because PCOS is a lifetime condition which can last until well after the menopause.

PCOS Diet and Exercise

Exercise is beneficial not just because it burns calories, but because the effect carries on even when we sleep. If you exercise like mad and you should be able to eat any type of food, occasionally, what we eat every now and again is of no consequence what’s crucial is the types of food we eat every day.

To get the full benefit from a workout we need to obey certain nutritional rules. The purpose of exercising is to burn off excess fat or to prevent us from gaining access fat. Dietary rules still apply; to lose weight we must use more calories than we eat.

Eating the same amount of calories as we exercise is just a trade-off! The exercise will be healthy and keep us active, which is good but we will not lose weight. Fortunately small changes in our life style can make dramatic differences to our weight.
pcos diet and exercise
Too often because of time constraints we eat what is there and not what is best for us. Most people are aware of what they put in their mouths, and why. Keeping a food journal or diary for a week helps to pinpoint our food choices and more importantly what triggers those choices. For instance skipping breakfast means that we will be hungry mid-morning and more likely to eat a snack which is high in sugar and fat.

Not all carbohydrates are equal during the last 20 years we have found out that porridge oats keeps us fuller for longer. By looking at a food diary you can see whether you need to restrict fats, processed foods or sugars or all of those! Proteins for breakfast such as fish or eggs help to satisfy our hunger and make us feel for work for longer.

We all know sweet sugary drinks are bad for us, but they are also addictive start by eliminating one sugary drink a day and replacing it with water, black coffee, herbal teas or a diet drink. Making one small change and building upon this will result in long-term changes, while sudden rapid cold turkey doesn’t work so well in the long term.

One of the excuses for eating fast food is the fact it is so easy, and also accessible. What is more accessible than a banana; wrapped to go, full of potassium, taste and energy. Apples are packed with minerals and are easy to transport as any other food. If this is too much change at once then replace one or two snacks a day with fresh fruit.

Good quality food sources give us more energy which makes us feel like exercising and getting the full benefit from it. Never exercise on an empty stomach, eat healthily two hours before. When you exercise on an empty stomach is like trying to run a car with no gas, it makes a lot of noise but doesn’t get far. Carry a nutritional bar for emergencies these supplements will get you through without having to resort to high sugar and fat snacks.

One of the benefits of exercise is that you feel more mentally alert. Usually this change is apparent within a few days starting an exercise regime. The increased mental acuity makes us feel more energised at the end of the day.